Convert Competition, Stress & Unhappiness to Growth, Joy & Prosperity...

Total Quality Person (TQP) is a powerful, Value-based concept and a wonderful pilgrimage of continuous learning and improvement, leading to holistic happiness and success… It is a spiritual odyssey based on Indian Ethos and Scriptures.

About Dr C V Ramanan

40+ Years of Corporate , Academic, Consulting, Counseling, Mentoring, Writing, Teaching and Training Experience.

Professor and Spiritual Sadhak
Inspirational Speaker and Life Coach

Dr Ramanan has conducted over 800 Workshops in 25 years with all segments in 30 cities pan-India, as well as in Dubai for a world-wide audience on the importance and impact of a Total Quality Person (TQP).

Voices - The TQP Experience...

You are transforming lives of people through the concept of TQP. I need your guidance for my business. The interactions with you at I S T D had deep impact on me & consider you as a Guiding Light and Role Model.

Tarun Khanna

"What a flow! Magical, Astounding, Hair Raising - a Powerhouse!"

Director, NDIM

Coming from the TQP workshop, I saw the magic of change in my relationships with the
people around me. It is an honor to get the chance of interacting with you and learn spirituality. Whenever I meet you, I
always get charged and feel more energetic. This is power of only your presence. Whole environment gets positive whenever you are around.

Rahul Agarwal, Prudentia Group

Ever since we interacted I have been impressed with your simple
personality. I wish i could emulate even one percent, no exaggerations.
It is an honour knowing you, interacting with you. The workshops which had done for the welfare and development of professionals speak for itself.

Narendra K Gupta

The latest from the TQP blog

“It is so simple to be happy, but it is so difficult to be simple.”…

It was a great experience to have won the AIMS WeSchool Innovation Award for ‘Management Institute Innovative Practices’.

This podcast was such a unique experience. But the TQP podcast will be miles better!